What is it?

Organizational alignment is about reaching “good fit” between your organization’s reason for being and “the way we do things around here.”  You can realign your organization through strategic planning, process improvement or redesign, organizational design, or culture change (or all of these).  A successfully realigned organization can yield:

  • A clear strategy that fits your context and core competencies.

  • Better-focused, more-coherent effort.   

  • Reduced waste and cycle time.

  • More responsiveness, innovation and value added through people.  


How may we help you?

Organizational alignment can help get your organization "firing on all cylinders." It's most critical:

  • When your strategy seems “out of synch” with your customers or competitive playing field

  • When the “way we do things around here” seems fat, fragmented or convoluted  

  • When the customer gets conflicting answers from different departments and each department sees the other as the enemy

  • When you've outgrown the structure and culture that made you successful

  • When the existing structure and culture produce compliance but not initiative


What does it involve?

  • Spotting needs and getting focused: Uncovering customer/community needs and get the organization aligned on strategy.

  • Unblocking workflow: Streamlining workflow and unblocking informational arteries.

  • Organizing for results:  Designing structures and channeling power to get the job done.

  • Calling out the best from your culture: Assessing the “walk” vs. the “talk.”  Finding the “deep river bed” that it will take to sustain change.



Organizational Alignment Services that We Provide:

  • Diagnosis: Engaging stakeholders in identifying what they want to become and where they stand. 

  • Strategy and Purpose:  Creating a deep and comprehensive understanding of the organization’s context, competitive playing field, strategic options, and unique purpose.

  • Process improvement or redesign: Streamlining and unblocking the workflow. Providing information and authority to expedite action.

  • Organizational design:  Helping stakeholders decide how to organize to accomplish purpose and create depth, resilience and self-control.

  • Performance management systems: Creating the information flow and feedback “dashboard” that make ownership, initiative and accountability stick.  Creating HR systems and coaching capabilities to reinforce progress.

  • Culture:  Uncovering what really matters.  How do things get done around here?  What’s the difference between our walk and our talk?  How can we call out those parts of our culture that pull us in the right direction?

What our clients say about our work with organizations

Case examples: strategic planning and organizational design


Organizational Alignment Resources:

Books on organizational alignment:

Facilitated Forums:

  • Strategic Planning (including Search Conference, Real-Time Strategic Change, and Customer Conferences)

  • Process Redesign (including Real-Time Work Design and Technical System Redesign)

  • Organizational Design (including Fast-Cycle Full Participation, Conference Model, and Participative Design Workshops)

  • Culture Assessment and Planning

  • Deliberation Analysis: Reaching Better Decisions

Alignment Workshops:

  • Creating System-Wide Change: The Deep River Bed of Organizational Alignment

  • Structured Large-Group Interventions: Engaging Critical Mass in Changing Whole Systems

  • Creating the Adaptive Organization

  • Business Process Redesign

  • Process Improvement Through Work Redesign



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