What is it?

Facilitation and team building help people do their best thinking in groups. This creates:

  • A deeper, more comprehensive view of the “big picture.”

  • Collective ownership for making things happen.

  • An adaptive group – people develop the capacity to shape their own environments.

How may we help you?

Group facilitation can launch new teams or get established teams unstuck.  It's most critical:

  • When outspoken people dominate and introverted people abdicate

  • When groups make decisions that don't stick

  • When "group think" shortcuts tough decision making

  • When group accountability means no accountability

  • When people are having trouble "laying their cards on the table"

  • When groups seem lost, stuck, or torn in different directions


What does it involve?

  • Establishing expectations (the group’s charter): purpose, tasks & principles, roles, resources & constraints.

  • Setting and keeping ground rules: Making the process safe, fair and fully-informed (pulling in each member’s best wisdom).

  • Planning agendas: Selecting or developing group thinking processes that shift people into drive.

  • Guiding interaction: Framing issues to ripen group judgment. Guiding groups through robust inquiry, planning, review, and decision-making processes.  Reaching actionable closure.

  • Testing conclusions and harvesting lessons learned: Testing decisions. Mutual exploration of results and unanticipated consequences. Challenging assumptions, and forming new hypotheses, and disseminating gains.


Facilitation and Team Building Services that we provide:

  • Facilitation: Planning agendas and guiding group thinking in meetings.

  • Chartering and challenging teams: Launching teams, anticipating developmental challenges, taking teams to the next level.

  • Building better boards: Differentiating governance from management. Adding the most value from the board’s governance role. Integrating the best wisdom from all board members.

  • Community building for the public sector: Finding and framing community issues, ripening public judgment, shifting citizens into drive.

What our clients say about our work with groups

Case example


Facilitation & Team Building Resources:

  • Books on group work: 

  •  The “favorite few”

  • The extended list

  • Facilitated Forums:

  •  Team or Project Chartering and Launch

  • Action and Implementation Planning

  • Project or Account Reviews

  • Search Conference

  • Issue Forums and Town Hall Meetings

  • Board Building Retreat

  • Workshops:

  • Facilitation: Getting the Best from Participation

  • Team Growth: Structure and Freedom Over a Team’s Life Cycle

  • Building Better Boards (for corporate, non-profit, or public sector governing boards)



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