What is it?

Coaching calls out your best at "moments of truth."   It helps you "step up to the plate" at critical crossroads in your career.

How may we help you?  

Coaching can help when you feel stuck or challenged to reach a new level of performance, such as:

  • When conflicts get in the way of producing business results

  • When the people you count on don't take initiative

  • When you're moving to a new scope of responsibility and you want to make the most of the opportunity

  • When you need to get people pulling in the same direction in a chaotic organization or unblock the logjam in a deeply-entrenched one

  • When there's been a "changing of the guard" and you're uncertain of how to go forward

What does it involve?

  • Clarifying your vision and values

  • Reaching inner congruence – overcoming the feeling of being torn in opposite directions

  • Becoming more perceptive – seeing recurring patterns

  • Engaging both uniqueness and connectedness.  Strengthening your unique voice

  • Becoming more connected without being co-opted.  

Types of coaching that we provide:

  • Leadership: For leaders who must guide their groups through turbulence or to reach a higher level of collective performance.

  • Professional/Entrepreneurial: For high-performers who need to adapt the way they relate to others to get things done.

  • Career Transition: For people whose jobs or work environments seem “out of synch” with their values and aspirations.



How does it work?

In 1.5 to 2 hour sessions, each approximately 2 weeks apart, through four stages:

  1. Opening: Exploring your context and purpose.

  2. Diagnosis: Finding out what’s working and what’s not. Applying an interpretive framework to figure out what’s contributing to the current reality.

  3. Action Planning: Choosing next steps to break out of recurring patterns and become more clear, focused and decisive.

  4. Reflection and Closure: Harvesting lessons learned.  “Future pacing” the results.

What our clients say about our coaching work

Case example of executive coaching


Coaching Resources:

  • Workshops:

    • Coaching: Calling Out the Higher Self
    • Leadership Coaching: How to Break Through Resistance 
      When the Heat is On 



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