Culture Change:
Moving from Manipulation and Mistrust to Trust, Teams and Straight Talk

Note: Key identity descriptors have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Guided a new CEO in shifting her organization from a bureaucratic, Machiavellian, fear-based culture to a customer-focused, straight-talking, team-oriented culture.  When she took over, she faced a hostile, divided governing board; a fractious, finger-pointing management group; and employees immobilized by fear and mutual suspicion.  The organization needed a comprehensive culture change.  Conducted in-depth 360 interviews to explore the prouds, sorries, hopes and fears of each level (governance, management, and agency operations).  Provided:

  • Board self-assessment and planning retreat

  • Executive coaching with the leadership team

  • Conflict resolution among conflicting factions

  • Data feedback, planning, and problem solving sessions with work groups

  • Skill-building workshops in team development, facilitation, and communications

With the help of these interventions, people “stepped up to the plate.” This partnership yielded an award-winning agency with a strong, straight-talking, team-based culture.

Copyright © 2001 Toni R. Hupp