After working with Toni Hupp, clients say they’re able to take more effective action because they learn how to bring competing interests together, dig out of entrenched patterns, and engage the energies of stakeholders system-wide.  Toni is an award-winning consultant, coach and facilitator (she received the 1999 Individual Excellence Award from the Association of Quality and Participation).  She specializes in:

  • Leadership, team, and board development

  • Planning, problem solving and conflict resolution

  • Facilitating large-group forums (such as Search Conferences, Organizational Design Conferences, Town Hall Meetings)

  • Coaching executives, public and private sector leaders, professionals, and career changers.

She has a proven track record developed over more than 15 years of leadership coaching, change management consulting, community building, and conflict resolution.  She is the founder of Organizations by Design, Adjunct Professor in Management and Organizational Behavior at Benedictine University, co-author of Designing Work Groups, Jobs and Work Flow and a regular contributing author to Consulting Today.



  • As President of Organizations by Design, she has coached leaders including CEO’s, Board Directors and Public Agency Directors.  She has facilitated strategic planning and board development retreats and has mediated conflict within boards and leadership teams. She has planned and implemented system-wide change initiatives and designed and facilitated large-group organizational design and planning conferences.  Examples of clients include: Sears, Amoco, Arthur Andersen, Chicago Tribune, Soft Sheen, Commonwealth Edison, Bank of America, Spiegel, Landscape Forms, Multi-Color Specialties, US Postal Service, Illinois Department of Public Aid, and Elk Grove Park District.

  • Prior to founding Organizations by Design, she was Vice President of Organizational and Professional Development for Continental Bank/Bank of America.  She served as senior consultant on corporate-wide organizational design projects, managed the department of management/leadership development, and coached senior executives in change management. 

  • As Senior Consultant at Galileo International she led action teams dealing with merger-related issues including integrating product development processes, consolidating organizational structure, and aligning culture.  She also coached managers on how to nurture post-merger teams.

  • As Development Manager for Applied Learning International, she integrated specialized knowledge workers into high-performance, cross-functional teams.  She also coached project managers on how to manage knowledge worker teams. 

  • As a Senior Designer in Arthur Andersen’s Professional Education Division (PED) she led the design and development of “boot camp” (methodology training) for PED Professionals and taught management development courses.


Education and Certification

         Toni has a Masters Degree from Northern Illinois University (honored as the “Outstanding Student” in Instructional Design), and a Bachelor's Degree from Southern Illinois University (with High Honors). 

  • She has been trained in executive coaching, has completed the Center for Creative Leadership’s Leadership Development Program, and is a certified facilitator of:

    • Search Conferences and Participative Design Workshops (Emery model)

    • The Conference Model (The Axelrod Group’s large-scale organizational design model)

    • Real Time Strategic Change and Work Design Conferences (Dannemiller Tyson model)

    • Fast-Cycle, Full Participation Conferences (Pasmore, Fitz & Frank model)

    • Process Management (The Rummler/Brache Group)

    • Designing Performance Management Systems (The Zigon Performance Group)

    • Techniques for an Empowered Workforce and Strategies for High Involvement Leadership (Development Dimensions International)

    • Helping Others Succeed (Blessing/White)

Contact Information:

email:  toni@organizationsbydesign.com
Phone: 630 393-0853
Fax:     630 393-4854

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